Chef Kanai

Chef Kanai was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. From a young age he has been dedicated to learning the art of Wa Shoku — authentic Japanese food. He has worked as a head sushi chef in Los Angeles for over 10 years and traveled extensively to establish his skills and knowledge. Today, he is a master sushi chef.

Chef Kanai’s uncompromising dedication to provide the most caring service to his guests is apparent with each visit. The staff at KANAI are well-trained and care about your dining experience so you can savor every dish delivered from the Kappo counter. Chef Kanai gives his whole heart to each masterpiece designed to delight every guest he serves.

“All of our employees appreciate that you have chosen KANAI to let us serve you this wonderful evening. Please enjoy the experience of real Japanese food and service at KANAI. Thank you very much for coming.”— D. Kanai

Our Food

Fresh ingredients are key to authentic sushi and Chef Kanai has fresh fish delivered from Los Angeles and other coastal cities — even Tokyo to get the best quality. He is committed to getting the freshest ingredients available to create his unique Wa Shoku dishes.

From the KANAI menu based on Kappo (Japanese cooking), you will encounter fresh seafood and varieties of dishes, as well as superb, creative sushi recipes from Chef Kanai.